Our Place

Evergreen Always Pan campaign.
Our Place 'Home Cooks,' shot on 35mm film.

The Container Collection, shot on 35mm film in my apartment.
 New tableware collection launch.
Ovenware launch.
The knife collection launch.
Our Place Mini Perfect Pot and Always Pan.
 Perfect Pot "drop" post.

The Pot as Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith.

The never-ending magic pot.

The Pot as an 80's Japanese synthesizer TV spot.

 "The Perfect Pot and Always Pan: A New York Love Story" short, shot on a vintage camcorder.
 Kinves and Cutting Board launch video.
Cast Iron Always Pan 'Sizzle Sale' identity + design of custom typeface based on brand font.

Annual sitewide Summer Sale art direction & design.

Campaign for limited edition color, Acid.